Distinguished Scientists,


We are truly glad and honored to invite you to the “International Congress on Environmental Engineering Resource Recovery” (ICRREE 2020) to be organized for the second time. The congress will be held in stanbul on 11-12 December 2020. In this international congress, national and international specialists and many scientists will come together and find the opportunity to discuss and exchange opinions on resource recovery, environmental issues, environmental management, and other matters related to the environment and scientific developments regarding new methods and practices. We believe that the topics to be addressed in this congress and the results will make great contributions for the science world, institutions working related to environment and the researchers interested in the subject considering the scope of the congress and the level of participation. You can find about the details and all other technical information about the congress on the website and you can send the papers and posters online via the website.  


We are waiting for you valuable contributions and participation and paying respects.


Hope to meet you in the congress...



Prof. Dr. Mustafa DEMIR

Head of the Congress